1.What is our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

LWV is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the organization’s current and future success in engaging all individuals, households, communities, and policy makers in creating a more perfect democracy.

There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, race, native or indigenous origin, age, generation, sexual orientation, culture, religion, belief system, marital status, parental status, socioeconomic status, language, accent, ability status, mental health, educational level or background, geography, nationality, work style, work experience, job role function, thinking style, personality type, physical appearance, political perspective or affiliation and/or any other characteristic that can be identified as recognizing or illustrating diversity.


LWV es una organización totalmente comprometida con la diversidad, la equidad y la inclusión en principio y en la práctica. La diversidad, la equidad y la inclusión son fundamentales para el presente y futuro éxito de la organización en la participación de todas las personas, hogares, comunidades y políticos en la creación de una democracia más perfecta.

No habrá barreras para la participación plena en esta organización por razón de género, identidad de género, etnia, raza, origen nativo o indígena, edad, generación, orientación sexual, cultura, religión, sistema de creencias, estado civil, estado parental, estatus socioeconómico, idioma, acento, habilidad, salud mental, nivel educativo o antecedentes, geografía, nacionalidad, estilo de trabajo, experiencia laboral, función del rol laboral, estilo de pensamiento, tipo de personalidad, apariencia física, perspectiva política o afiliación y / o cualquier otra característica que identifique, reconozca, o ilustre diversidad.

2. Will you be continuing virtual meetings?

Yes. Every meeting will be accessible virtually and in person. The minutes of each meeting will also be available upon request.

3. Is the League of Women Voters non-partisan?

Yes. The League of Women Voters is completely non-partisan. The League does not support any political candidate or political party. The main objective of the League of Women Voters is to educate the public on voter awareness.

4. I would like to do voter outreach in person or virtually. Do I need the League of Women Voters of Cape May County's permission to represent the organization?

Yes. We appreciate educating the public on voter awareness and look to our volunteers and members to continue those efforts in the community. Please notify the Board of Directors whenever there is an event or meeting where you wish to represent the League.

5. What is your code of conduct?

Policies & Guidance

Member Code of Conduct


In order to advance the work of LWV Cape May County, to provide a common understanding and shared expectations of how members operate in the best interests of the organization, and to remain vigilant at protecting the reputation of the organization, the following Member Code of Conduct is established:


All members who join LWV Cape May County agree to the following:

1. Abide by the rules of the LWV Cape May County or the member’s local league as set out in its Bylaws, Mission Statement and Shared Values.

2. Uphold the reputation and good standing of LWV Cape May County.

3. Act with integrity, show respect to others, and value alternative points of view.

4. Refrain from any behaviors or actions that are harassing, physically threatening, or physically or verbally abusive toward any LWV member, employee of LWV, or any attendee at any LWV sponsored function or event. This also includes behavior during virtual meetings. Zoom “bombing” or disruptive behavior during a virtual meeting through chat or video is also prohibited.

5. Do not commit LWV Cape May County to any action unless authorized to do so.

6. Refrain from making any statement on behalf of LWV Cape May County or purport to represent LWV Cape May County through any public medium, including digital social media, unless specifically authorized to do so by LWV Board Members.

7. Act within the boundaries of relevant legislation. 8. Refrain from using the position of membership to unfairly benefit themselves.

9. Pay membership fees on a timely basis as part of continued membership.


The Board of LWV Cape May County reserves the right to review any member’s actions in conforming to the Code of Conduct as well as the related policies of non-partisanship

and conflict of interest. A member failing to meet the requirements of these LWVCMC policies is subject to expulsion from the membership of LWVCMC. The LWVCMC Board will decide on the appropriate actions to take. Local LWVCMC should bring all membership concerns to LWV Cape May County for resolution.

LWV Cape May County reserves the right to update this Member Code of Conduct policy as well as develop additional policies as may be warranted. By applying for membership with LWV Cape May County members indicate acceptance and agreement with these terms of membership.