Programs & Community Outreach Committee

This committee focuses on events and programs in the community. We work with different community leaders to provide current information and statistics on voting in Cape May County.


  1. "Are you ready to Run?" (a program to identify possible community leaders who may be interested in running for their local government)

  2. "Running and Winning" (program working with high school students to educate them on the election process)

  3. Civics Education for Children (a program working with younger children to educate them on voting. This program is designed to get children excited about voting)

  4. Voter outreach events (if you would like to set up a table in front of a business or at an event to promote the League of Women Voters and voter education please contact the Member Services Chair.


The League of Women Voters of Cape May County is available for participation in local events. Different organizations request moderation from the League for debates during election season in Cape May County. There are strict guidelines and regulations to providing services for any organization. This committee abides by those guidelines and completes the event planning for each debate.

This committee meets as needed and more information will be added. If you are interested in applying for this committee, please either indicate this on your membership form or contact the Member Services Chair.